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    The minute a woman says that a wise latina might add something to the high court, all of a sudden the klansmen start banging their tea kettles about how ol' brownie's risin' up again.

    I'm sick of their shit. It is absolutely appalling how these silver-spoon motherfuckers spit out such tripe about how spoiled the workers in this country are.

    Right after Bush and his cronies hand over $1 trillion dollars to bail out the fat cats, we get to hear Scott "Double-Deuch" Walker tell us that it's those damn Rolls Royce-driving teachers who bankrupted this country.

    I'll tell you what. Seeing how many fucking morons believe their bullshit is all the evidence that I need that what we call "education" in this country is doing a terrible job of conveying to our young people the way to tell the difference between verifiable facts and utter horse-shit.

    I don't know if they should make epistemology a core part of the curriculum or what but the last thing we need is a country full of people who think that Newt Gingrich would whip this country back into shape if he became president.

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