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View Diary: My Patriotic Chore - Madison Rally Pictures 11/19/11 (27 comments)

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  •  I was at the purple tent (8+ / 0-)

    At 8:30 before the circulators arrived but then they moved me to the blue tent instead.  I think that was a mistake because the purple "tent" (not really a tent because they didn't have space to set up one) had the thickest crowd being right on the state street entrance.  They probably needed more people there.  I ended up being one of the people they called "info team" who's job it was to answer questions for passers-by outside the tent so people wouldn't walk up to the tent itself to ask them, and thereby clog up the line of circulators trying to hand petitions in and get new ones to go out with.  In practice our job as "info team" was also to look out for people walking right up to the tables in the tent who were NOT wearing the yellow circulator jerseys to make sure they were only there if they were showing up to drop off signatures they brought from home.  Anyone else was to be kept away to keep the area clear for circulators.  They never said so, but I strongly suspect that this had an ulterior motive to try to thwart those who might try to grab the collected petitions and destroy them and that our real purpose was only secondarily "info" and our primary purpose was "security cordon".

    I know that when the Tea Partier counter-protest of about 100 people or so would march by right next to us on the sidewalk, one of the event marshals would be well in front of them warning us and we'd move the "info team" to block that side of the tent and wait politely for them to pass us by before we went back to normal positions again.  Thankfully nothing happened (other than them shouting lies at us, but that's to be expected), although I did make sure to have my cellphone camera out filming every time they went by just to be sure if anything did happen we'd have footage.  I also made damned sure the Tea Partiers could see the camera very clearly and knew they were being filmed - again, just in case.

    All in all, it was a good day.  I wonder if they'll release any figures about how many signatures were collected that day.  I know the 105,000 figure represents where the total was just before the rally.  I haven't heard any new numbers for after the rally yet.

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