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View Diary: Super Committee failure says more than you think about the modern Congress (143 comments)

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  •  Really? You think there still are actual (9+ / 0-)

    center-left Social Democrats in Congress given just about every member depends on corporate or wealthy private donations?

    There might be those whose hearts are in the "social" aspect of the game, but the realities are that that they have to have meetings with lobbyists to assure they'll have adequate war funds for their campaigns. And in those meetings certain promises have to be made.

    Go ahead, call your congress person and tell them you contributed $20 to their campaign and demand a face to face meeting with them and see what happens.

    Now on the other hand if a lobbyist for a powerful corporate sector or PAC were to call, schedules would be rearranged to accommodate accordingly.

    The entire system has been geared towards nullifying the "social" aspect of legislating. Now-a-days center-left has been forced to twist their logic and approach to governing into the belief that what is good for business is good for "the people". Businesses create jobs right? What more do people want or can they expect from government?

    Corruption by any other name is still corruption.

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