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View Diary: Rick Santorum calls for low-income children to suffer (172 comments)

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  •  This makes me mad. At Democrats. (9+ / 0-)

    Where is our party's political brain trust?  You could easily make the most amazing sixty-second ad in American political history, with 5-10 seconds from each of these candidates-to-failure.  If there's time remaining, Obama could seal it all up with a bow: "In my whole life I've never said anything as dumb as what you've just heard--and this is all from the last month. "

    But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady.

    by Rich in PA on Mon Nov 21, 2011 at 11:14:26 AM PST

    •  It is ridiculous (0+ / 0-)

      how insane these guys have been. The fact that they aren't down 30 points in the polls to OBL's walking corpse tells you where we are as a country.

      Propaganda works, my friends.

    •  This whole country is broken (7+ / 0-)

      Its not just democrats fault. This asshole should be tarred and feathered and instead in today's America he's held up as a "serious" presidential candidate.

      How f'n deranged has our society become when this jackass basically is Ebenezer Scrooge personified and NO ONE calls him on it. The entire GOP field is basically running on who can be the biggest prick and half the country is lapping it up and begging for more.

      Good Lord.

      •  We watch the Republican debates for entertainment (0+ / 0-)

        in our house. Just can't wait to see the next inane, false, or mean statement that comes from these clowns.

        The sad part is, as many have said, that they have people who believe any one of them would make a good president.

    •  not dumb, immoral (1+ / 0-)
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      There is nothing stupid about anything the Republicans say.  It all follows perfect logical principles.

      The problem is that Republicans are immoral scum.  The premises they start reasoning with are absolutely wrong--- based on flawed economic theories, and driven by conservative moral values: hierarchy, exclusion, and greed.  If you share their beliefs, you see the problems they see, and the solutions make sense.  

      The real world doesn't work the way they see it, but the  thing about ideology (as opposed to, say, science) is that when the facts don't fit your beliefs, you change the facts, not the beliefs.

      You can sum up conservatism thusly: Some people are better than others. I am better than you.  What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too.  Care to stop me?  I deserve it more than you anyways, since I'm better than you. Stay out of my sight and off of my radar.  Respect your betters (like me), and follow their orders.   Also, don't bother trying to change things--- my dogs bite as much as they bark.  Besides, why would you go and mess this up?  You don't hear me complaining, do you?  If I have no grounds for complaint, the likes of you certainly don't.  Rights are earned, and I earned mine fair and square.  

      "You're not stuck in traffic, you are traffic."

      by nominalize on Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 01:10:06 PM PST

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