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View Diary: Occupy protest poster art: Part II (188 comments)

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    Meteor Blades

    you describe the dynamic in 99% of advertising and media "creative" departments.
    I wonder how many of these committee art departments have OWS sympathizers lurking and listening.
    Spys for OWS? You Betcha!

    The street and poster art in this diary can only be giving the 1% fits. Being reactionary in nature they can only respond with predictable means.

    And the one tool they know best is propaganda.

    To counter the OWS efforts these fatcats will have to turn, as usual, to their hired gun "creative consultants".
    They will throw lavish money into anti OWS PR efforts.

    But they may want to consider how much abuse they have showered on their house slave creative types in the past; the patronization, the impossible deadlines, the stress.

    Those creative types may very well be the only hope the 1% has for any kind of effective counter propaganda.

    And even house slaves have been known to betray the plantation owners trust down in pre emancipation Dixie.

    Mud flaps may be the best Massa is going to get out of them.

    And he will have to pay through the nose for them.

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