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View Diary: Mitt Romney admits politics motivated decision to destroy email records (49 comments)

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  •  Obviously deleting the emails equates to (6+ / 0-)
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    removing the "W" key from the keyboards between Clinton's leaving and "W"'s administration beginning.  Because, well, they both concern computers.

    Yes, I know that's been debunked, but I'll bet 90% of the Republicans still believe that happened.

    W's administration also wiped thousands if not millions of emails and they used external accounts to conduct public business in order to evade prying eyes, even after having been informed that they're considered public records.  But because it's political, and they were Republicans doing it, nothing will come of it.  I can already hear the screeching coming from 2017 about how Obama's administration may have also deleted emails and how that's sure evidence of coverups.  To be followed by the NSA miraculously have copies of everything pertaining to Solyndra, Acorn, etc, etc.

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