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View Diary: "We Are All Mortal" - After JFK, Optimism Faded (58 comments)

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  •  Bobby had his reasons (1+ / 0-)
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    They both hated each other, but he was actually as much afraid of Johnson as Johnson was afraid of him. He thought that if he got into the race, Johnson would escalate the war just to spite him. He let his doubts go to his head, and didn't believe it was possible to beat Johnson.

    Also, given what I have read of their relationship, I fail to believe that McCarthy would ever have begged RFK for anything, much less begged him to grab the brass ring. McCarthy deserves credit for having the brass to actually say "fuck all" and primary Johnson, but in almost all other respects he was considerably less than stellar.

    Then again, I'll honestly admit that I am an RFK fanboy, so my view is obviously biased. I certainly acknowledge that Bobby could be a little shit, and was during his younger years, but I honestly think that most all the venom was bled out of him when his brother died. After that, he was all broken heart.

    But, then again too, I wasn't there.

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