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View Diary: Was our military crippled in 2007? (119 comments)

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  •  It's not about WWII. (0+ / 0-)

    I feel safer when the guns are under US control.

    And no, the people are not "radically different". Last time I looked, this planet was still filled with homo sapiens. People get mean and people get stupid. When this happens, I would prefer as few of them to be armed as possible.

    •  Mean & Stupid (5+ / 0-)

      No kidding.
      Check out the last two wars, you know, the ones in Iraq & Afghanistan.

      I`m already against the next war.

      by Knucklehead on Mon Nov 21, 2011 at 11:56:39 PM PST

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    •  As for the rest of us . . . (7+ / 0-)

      We would feel a lot safer if guns were not under the control of the US, which appears to be run by a mixture of elitist plutocrats, religious fanatics trying to trigger Armageddon, and teh Stupid. After all, during Desert Storm, more British soldiers were killed by "friendly fire" from American troops that were killed by Iraqis.

      We remember what happens when you combine plutocrats, fanatics and stupidity. But then, our history goes back more than a couple of hundred years.

      Cue Santayana please . . .

      FOSI: Full Of Shit Information - Both my sister and I are trivia freaks...

      by Spoc42 on Tue Nov 22, 2011 at 04:12:34 AM PST

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      •  Then who should.... (0+ / 0-)

        ...control the guns, if not the USA?

        Vladmir Putin? China?

        Also, we Americans are not all stupid. We have the same amount of "teh Stupid" as other places. And we have considerably less of "Teh Evil".

        Also, please get some perspective. Al-Qaeda are "religious fanatics". Mike Huckabee is just a guy who goes to church a lot. There is a difference.

        Saudi Arabia and Russia are run by "plutocrats". We have plutocrats here but ours can be voted out of office.

        We are not perfect, but we're the best, most practical choice.

        •  What utter bullshit. (0+ / 0-)
          We have plutocrats here but ours can be voted out of office.

          Its a little more complicated than that...

          Yes, they can be voted out.  However since Eisenhower we have been continually warned about the MIC, but look at us now....  They keep creating a new 'enemy'.

          If one gets voted out  the 1% just funds  another whack a mole Congress .

          Then there's Perception Management that keeps voters scared and misled.

          Especially after the failed invasion of Iraq the US is not to be trusted in any way, shape, form, or fashion to be the world's policeman.

          That you would write that here is truly amazing.

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