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View Diary: Leaving America: Reykjavík, A City of Yuletide (26 comments)

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  •  I should also add... (9+ / 0-)

    that I'm currently over 41 degrees latitude.  I routinely go to bed on a highly shifted sleep schedule, waking up well after the sun has started to rise, so again, I really don't think my body is sensitive to it.  But of course, there's no way to know for sure until you've lived there.

    •  Hmmmm (1+ / 0-)
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      Seamus D

      I'm not so far north, being in Bavaria, but the days are shorter and winter is long up here in the Alps (Berchtesgadener Land) and I've been here two years now. I haven't suffered any SADD but I may not be far north enough (we're about the same amount north as Montreal.)

      Like Rei, I'm vegetarian, so haven't had any jonesing going on that requires a significant cash outlay.  I guess sweet pototoes are the thing that's most expensive compared to home, and Mexican ingredients. English language books cost more, but I was able to find a few second-hand book shops specializing in English language books.

      It's easier for me since I'm retired, and don't have to interact with co-workers. Handling shopping is no problem, there's not a huge amount of language involved with that and I've learned it. I don't actually expect to every be able to talk politics and philosophy in German, though, just spend to much of my time writing and reading in English and speaking English with my husband so he doesn't lose it.

      You really make me want to see Iceland. Fabulous photos.

      If it weren't difficult, it wouldn't be an achievement.

      by Wife of Bath on Fri Nov 25, 2011 at 09:23:49 AM PST

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      •  See, I wouldn't mind letting my English rust (0+ / 0-)

        Although I know that would never happen, spouse aside, due to how much it's used online, in products, media, etc.  And I additionally have  a spouse who's learned next to no Icelandic so far despite knowing that we're going to move there.  That really kinda bothers me, to be honest.  I want to get to the point where we can speak Icelandic in the home.

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