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View Diary: Leaving America: Reykjavík, A City of Yuletide (26 comments)

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  •  Rei (6+ / 0-)

    Another informative diary.
    I almost feel like I`m also learning Icelandic.
    Strange, because I lived with my Icelandic girlfriend for almost three years & didn`t learn a word.

    I`m already against the next war.

    by Knucklehead on Thu Nov 24, 2011 at 08:42:10 PM PST

    •  Hehe (5+ / 0-)

      That's a real advantage for you; it'd be a lot easier for me to get practice if I had an Icelandic boyfriend, hehe.  Aka, someone who I could ask questions of and get answers of almost any time of day whenever I'm having trouble with something.

      Have you ever considered learning Icelandic?  Either in conjunction with her or as a surprise to her?  It's a beautiful language, and you learn about the history of English at the same time that you learn it, since it's sort of a linguistic time capsule (it's had a slower rate of linguistic evolution than other Germanic languages, so it's closer to the branching point between the West and North Germanic languages)

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