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  •  My first year of foster parenting... (10+ / 0-)

    I prepared what, for me, was a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner, which would have been incomplete without homemade simmered cranberry sauce.  It became obvious immediately that the better choice would have been the jellied stuff from a can, as my concoction of fresh berries and orange peel could not have been more foreign an experience for my foster son.

    The next year, I spent some time agonizing in front of the holiday condiments display at the supermarket.  All of those cans of jelly looked so unappetizing, and then my eyes fell on something I had not seen before.  Ocean Spray had put out a cranberry and raspberry jellied sauce.  Being a pushover for all things raspberry, this seemed like the answer to making a sacrifice without making too much of a sacrifice.  And, indeed, it was different, but not horrible.  In fact, I looked forward to using it again in years to come.

    But, alas, I've not seen it on the market again since.  And so it goes.

    (This year, I'm copping out.  My foster son is long grown, and I am now taking care of my elderly and disabled Mother.  It's been a bit of a rough patch lately, health-wise, for both of us.  So, I'm pushing aside my tendency toward hyper-responsibility as best I can, and have made reservations at a local restaurant that specialized in "homestyle" cooking for their traditional Thanksgiving dinner.)

    Thanks for the story of your youthful Thanksgiving, which brought back fond memories of my own youth, and gave me the opportunity to share the foregoing.

    •  Would have probably oved the raspberry mix, (4+ / 0-)
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      but never saw it on the shelves.

      My choice is the jellied with whole cranberries. I think what I don't like about the homemade versions is that most have orange peel and that changes the entire flavor.

      I've even had a version - guess you could call it Texas style - made with jalapeños. It was good, but could not replace traditional Thanksgiving cranberry flavor I need with Turkey.

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      •  My guess is it was a test market failure. (3+ / 0-)
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        mapamp, slksfca, auapplemac

        The raspberry really did cut any residual bitterness of the cranberry, while preserving the tart.  The flavor was great... the consistency --- well, that's what gets me about the canned stuff.

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