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  •  Well, I don't agree that C. Matthews would offer (0+ / 0-)

    up a "thinly disguised race rant." I'm occasionally annoyed with him, but it's mainly for being a cornball who pretends not to notice the obvious sometimes.

    As for the half-baked opinions of people in general, that's the way human beings are.
    To some degree it represents failures of the people who are supposed to be out there doing the messaging and communicating with these folks.
    Too often the Dems, esp. the Senators, are chicken, and force the Pres. to do too much of the messaging.
    About ever 3 months Sen. Kerry comes out and states the obvious in that statesmanlike drone of his.
    Don't these guys ever really get outraged?

    This is the right time for people to have specific, narrow gripes and generally half-baked opinions.
    When it comes closer to election time, they should be getting enough real information and hearing enough real news that they can see the broader picture and figure out who's really on their side.

    I'm a supporter of the President, but I think criticism of the President is necessary in order to define the issues and how people are thinking about them. I don't expect everyone to frame the narrative in the same way I do.

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