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View Diary: Krugman is Wrong: The Real Reason to Raise Taxes on the Rich (133 comments)

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    Several commentors have objected that Paul Krugman usually makes it clear that the current deficit is not a problem.  I know that- I usually agree strongly with his articles.

    Krugman is talking about long-term in that blog post. No changes in taxation being discussed in the post could possibly be passed, implemented, and have an effect immediately, so it's all a discussion of future deficits. Moreover he's responding to a specific conservative objection to his article which runs "even if you took all of the money from the top tiny percent it wouldn't make a dent in the deficit" and demonstrating that it's another empty, baseless right wing talking point.

    There's nothing in Krugman's post saying "we must reduce or refrain from spending right now because of future deficits". He's engaging in a discussion that includes the concept of deficits, but that's about it.

    Your update would sort of imply that your objection boils down to "in one article/blog post, Paul Krugman didn't argue that the current deficit is not a problem". Which, okay well yes, but since he's made that argument many, many other times, this all would seem pretty weak as a critique.

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