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View Diary: STUNNING: Comparing U.S. & World Covers for TIME Magazine (408 comments)

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  •  Insinuating what? (0+ / 0-)

    Time has only two markets, USA and not-USA, not four.

    Time International is distributed in some places where there is not a glut of information or market for American issues, per se.  The cover story in USA does not mean that the cover story elsewhere is not in the USA version.  The latter is a much smaller publication in terms of all content.

    The diary offers superficial analysis at best.

    What is not superficial, but entirely predictable is the way that American and Americans are painted in a poor light.

    •  What is superficial (0+ / 0-)

      Is the treatment of complex subjects that the five major corporate media giants dumb down for the domestic audience.  It is like prozac.  Fluff.  In the not-US market, they have to at least pay lip service to what is actually happening in the world.  Here, not so much.  This isn't just true of Time.  It is true of every one of these things that have an international presence.  Look at CNN for example.

      •  You seem to assume these matters were not... (0+ / 0-)

        inside the USA edition at all, just because there was a different cover.

        This diary is a dumbing down, by making the cover the determinant of what matters.

        From Time's Nov. 25th issue:

        A Revolution of Cross-Purposes: Can It Change Egypt?

        These matters get addressed.  That does not mean people read the information, but that is true everywhere.

        If you think this diary provides anything more than a superficial message, so be it.  I think it's another in the many efforts of the diarist to throw red meat at people who love to blame America and Americans as if there is no other misconduct elsewhere.  

        •  If the Dec 5 issues from the US and Europe (0+ / 0-)

          were different issues, sitting on a newsstand side by side, which would YOU buy to take on a flight.

          This diary provides much more than a superficial message.

          blame America and Americans as if there is no other misconduct elsewhere.

          Other nations also have the exact same thing going on with media designed for internal consumption. An interesting point is that it started and was perfected in the US first and has since spread throughout most of the world. Just look at Murdoch's rags in the UK and Australia.

          •  But they aren't. (0+ / 0-)

            The American edition has far more information.  People who buy the magazine generally know the variety of information that will be inside.

            This diary presents an opportunity for self-congratulation on a prevailing view.  It markets no less than Time Magazine, to build an interest.  But it's premise does not hold.  It tries to make something out of nothing, without looking more to see if there is a reason beyond the sinister that is implied.

            Have you asked yourself what the real point of the diary is, beyond the superficial?

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