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    you'll find someone who gets that more than me, Clark.  That's why they call it work, not an adventure in creative expression.

    Just like advertising, journalism is a business.  It always was, but these days, more so than ever.  Journalism has become as corporatized as everything else and profits are the goal.  That often results in building the product that will please the most people---which by its very definition, rather than some other nefarious reason, must be ironed into something ironically bland and wanting for most.

    But their are still small eddies, niches, subsets of Journalism that get the job done, and find a way to survive.  As there are certain products, imo, that live up to their brand, and deserve good advertising.  Mac products for instance, for me, are that.

    Meanwhile for creative people, like artists and writers, advertising and journalism CAN present creative opportunities that pay well.  Not every day is a mindless corporate sell out. :)

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