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View Diary: New study: Amount of warming from increasing CO2 levels 'overestimated' (28 comments)

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  •  I think what he/she is saying (4+ / 0-)

    Is that a global increase in carbon dioxide may be manifested in several different ways, including effects such as:

    1.  Increased temperatures on the earth's surface

    2.  Increased temperatures in the shallow zones of the ocean

    3.  Decreased glacier/snow cover

    4.  Increased sea levels and submergence of near sea-level coastal lands, either long-term or associated with short-term storm surges

    5.  Changed vegetation extent and mix in various climatic zones

    6.  Changed albedo of the earth's surface associated with Nos. 3 and 5

    7.  Changed precipitation and rain storage patterns

    8.  Changed groundwater levels, lake levels, and river flow caused by No. 7

    9. Increased encroachment of salt water into coastal water supplies, caused by rising sea levels in association with No. 8.

    10. Consumption of the ocean's buffering capacity, potentially manifested by shifts in seawater pH

    11. Changes in viability of certain sea life that rely on pH-sensitive organisms as a food source somewhere along their food chain

    13. Changes in agricultural practices and food production in the temperate zones that feed the planet's people

    14. Accelerated extinction and shifts in ecological niches, possibly including ours

    15.  Need I go on?

    Of those, Nos. 1 and 2 may not necessarily be the most significant.

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