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View Diary: Addicted to Drugs: Profit Motives Leads Police Departments to Ignore Rapes and Other Violent Crimes (54 comments)

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  •  boy oh boy, I have been waiting (11+ / 0-)

    to see the Balko's and others tackle this - had a feeling Occupy might move the story forward

    I found much of this out for myself while reading up during the Prop 19 Campaign in California last year - a staggering rise in pot arrests that coincided with  Clinton's "community policing" programs ( hey, it sounded good at the time) -- apparently local police departments received funding for increasing arrests, not violent or serious crime arrests mind you, arrests period - pot is the low hanging funding fruit

    and now via Occupy,  we are seeing it with all their DHS funded terra, terra, terra!™ programs and equipment - apparently local law enforcement receives more DHS funding, the more often they deploy equipment - private profit trumps public safety

    a parallel to what we have done to our schools, turning them into test taking centers instead of places of learning -  

    T & R'd -- thanks !

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