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View Diary: The Washington Post Asks "Why Aren't Blacks Embracing Occupy Wall Street?" (92 comments)

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  •  OWS is primarily a youth movement. (2+ / 0-)
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    Larsstephens, greengemini

    That's not to say that there ISN'T a mix of all age groups participating, but I'm guessing that if OWS ever sat still for some demographic testing, you'd find that folks who recently graduated college, and haven't had much luck leveraging their degrees in the job market, are the ones who make up the bulk of the movement.

    I don't think that's particularly shocking or surprising. Looking at age demographics, it's the youngest who are being hit the hardest by this economy:

    So that's why I guess I find statements like this one, to be just a little beside-the-point:

    Where was OWS, and the white folks who make up its base, when black and brown people were catching hell this last decade?

    Watching cartoons would be my guess.

    In any case, allow me to reverse one of the underlying questions in this diary: given their countless years of struggle and experience, what answer has the black community arrived at in order to achieve parity in society (if protests and movements inevitably end with a whimper)?

    Corporate Dog

    We didn't elect Obama to be an expedient president. We elected him to be a great one. -- Eugene Robinson

    by Corporate Dog on Sat Nov 26, 2011 at 06:52:51 PM PST

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