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View Diary: The Washington Post Asks "Why Aren't Blacks Embracing Occupy Wall Street?" (92 comments)

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  •  they are running a story (2+ / 0-)
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    Chitown Kev, Ian Reifowitz

    placing blacks against OWS (because supposedly OWS is white and more importantly the issues OWS stands for is something blacks are against).

    They don't run any polls. They don't try to come up with something approaching wht Chi mentions above as data, which according to CHi actually says the opposite. That blacks are more supportive rather than less of OWS.

    So, yes, one of the possibilities is race baiting. Its certainly not journalistic intergrity to claim objectivity of pretending to speak for a whole group by using anecdotes while ignoring data that says the opposite of what one is arguing.

    Of course, this sort of baiting is often seen here at Daily Kos as well. "I speak for all black people, and if you don't like the policy you are being racist because the President is black" arguments.

    The same kind of conflation (again that's the best one can come up with) argument is being one here.

    indeed, above we see the "this one person making a statement is right" again without any data of what black people actually think

    ANd yes, polling data is more important than individual anecdote because of the issue of bias sourcing. People contact who they know, and who they know may not be representative of the whole.

    Yet quite often, I see that sort of poor analysis done in  an attempt to shift the discussion from issues that matter

    Let me give you a practical example. In the aritcle there is odd moment where if I remember it claims blacks do not care bout wall street becuase they worried bout keeping their homes

    That's WTF moment. The two issues are not only linked, but the same issue said another way.

    Many of those people losing their homes who are blacks are losiing them because of robosigning, MERS and other issues. Many of htem are losing it due to subprime which was pushed by wall street banks.

    So,w hat the fuck does that even mean in the context o the article? It means that hte aritcle is bullshit at the very least.

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