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  •   Shared Illusions by Financial Elites (2+ / 0-)
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    reset, mrsgoo

    Are just as dangerous as greedy bankers and corrupt politicians. The book Lords of Finance comes to mind. Strong and the heads of the European banks in the 1920s seemed to be patriotic and honest men sensitive to the need not to plunge the world into crisis, and yet they helped produce the Depression and the 2nd WWII. Our generation of banksters, who prize recklessness and wealth beyond anything, could make the calamity these bankers in the 1920s produced with their ernest incompetence, seem like a mild recession with a football riot.    

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      They never rush and any swift move is followed by what seems like a quiet interlude. But every time there is a loud crash in the world economy goldman has been there and gone. They have been moves ahead before most of the world knew the music started.

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