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  •  Cheerleaders for collapse (5+ / 0-)

    It's ironic that right wing nationalists are now joined by left wing 99%-ers cheering for a euro collapse.

    If it happens, it'll be the greatest thing since the League of Nations failed.

    •  I also can't believe that folks here would want (3+ / 0-)
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      jmknapp, ProfessorWho, Adam AZ

      such misery. A collapse of the Euro would be devastating to millions. And the 1% won't feel a thing.

      •  When you dream of revolution (3+ / 0-)
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        charliehall2, Escamillo, Adam AZ

        ...the motto is "let's make things rotten." particularly from socialist ("anti-capitalist") and anarchist quarters. You only win if there is a collapse.

        Never mind that the record of progressives in US politics has always been one of pressing for greater integration, within Europe, and between nations. When Pres. Kennedy toured Europe ("ich bin ein Berliner") promoting the European common market and "interdependence" it was the Soviet Union and the right-wing nationalists grousing about it.

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