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    In my opinion it is too late for a controlled exit from the Euro any such disintegration will be like an avalanche

    Why is that your opinion? It may be too late; it may not. What can you say in support of the opinion you choose to hold? Or do you just hold it because it fits your character to have this sort of opinion on this sort of thing?

    Also, what qualifies as a "controlled" exit? Humans never have total control of processes as large and complex as this. But humans can have very good partial control. I cannot be the case that no smart Europeans are gaming paths to breaking up the Euro, at least as contingencies. It also must be the case that anyone in a position of power or influence gaming such paths would avoid publicity just now. So we just don't know how well prepared "Plan B" is. We could end up surprised both by how quickly the Euro breaks up, and by how controlled that breakup is - at the same time.

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