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  •  I hate to repeat this but… (0+ / 0-)

    The oligarchs no longer need an "economy". I am thoroughly convinced that since the financial-sector rescues (Grand Heists) the oligarchs have stolen more than enough revenue from world governments to keep their great-great (to the 10th power) grandchildren in more than enough money to buy all of the slave-labor products/services they could ever want or need. Fuck a consumer economy (in their view)! Fuck job creation, that causes inflation (raising prices oligarchs would have to pay for consumer products/services, thereby decreasing the value of their ill-gotten gain).
    As the bottom continues to fall out of what we used to think of as an economy (i.e. consumer-driven market-justified commercial/investment traditional framework) and the new-normal continues to establish itself, we will continue to see more US factories and even more Chinese sweat-shops shut down, because they're currently producing more products/services than what the oligarchs (and their support structure) are going to need.
    Who needs expensive-ass free people when they can have slave-labor? It's also a lot cheaper to provide healthcare to workers in slave-labor markets, because the (oligarch-controlled) oppressive governments can control food supplies (i.e. diets) of slave-labor workforces, force them to do exercises at the workplace to stay in shape, in much the same manner as livestock/domesticated animals producers operate here.
    I am thoroughly convinced that the people who run things (i.e. oligarchs) no longer need what we used to think of as an economy (i.e. consumer economy). As a matter of fact, they don't even WANT what we used to think of as an economy (that kind of economy causes inflation, reducing the value of their ill-gotten gain)
    This new-normal is not an accident, it's all by design (and it's been in the works for a long time).

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