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  •  We need a new breed of financial advisor (2+ / 0-)
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    magnetics, boofdah

    who can talk sense about what the best options are.

    Not the kind of 'advisor' who is marketing financial 'products.'

    Is this so hard? My CPA, who calculates my taxes, is worthless in this area. I'd pay good money for responsible advice. Right now this site, excellent as it is, is all I've got.

    I can pull my IRA money out of mutual funds, put it in a credit union - but know that the credit unions too may have one foot in the market, or would be on thin ice in a prolonged depression.

    By the way, the last time I withdrew IRA funds, well within the margin of RMD (in October), I was told I could not withdraw again until late in December. It's clear the 1% are already further protecting themselves.

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