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  •  Thanks, and about the question of Socialists (1+ / 0-)
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    Richard Lyon

    I think it warrants a lot of discussion as well.

    It is an anticapitalist, pro-labor, pro-equity ideology with a long history. But it is not always implicitly anti-hierarchical; it questions how hierarchy is structured and how it may be porous or open to challenge, as well as how capital may be more jointly owned. Solidarity serves well here too. No one person's goals are seen as more important than anyone else's (for me, that's absolutely key). All must essentially agree. Property issues are a big deal, obviously.

    I mean, depends on what kind of Socialism. But still, while I know OWS is primarily Anarchist-driven, so far only in terms of consensus model, which is fine. But not exclusive and groups have been encouraged in what I would deem an anarcho-socialist or collectivist model that has served OWS well (esp. at UCBerkeley, I hear firsthand a lot about).

    Is anarcho-socialism too structured, hierarchical?

    I'm not trying to be combative. If I read that way, sorry. I'm trying to figure out how to phrase this in a way that is truly interrogative here. I do support OWS fully. I also am considered by what is like... the tyranny of the individual. Most Anarchists do not propose absolute non-hierarchy. Nor does OWS' consensus model, which is modified at 90%.

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