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  •  That's another thing I don't understand (13+ / 0-)

    anymore, either.  I'm a Christian, so I spend most of my spiritual reflection time thinking about the parables, Sermon on the Mount, and the Lord's Prayer.  The so-called Christian Right makes no sense to me, at all, with their focus on picking bits and peices out of the Old Testament and then, warping the heck out of even those.  All the Rapture stuff when Christ clearly communicated that no knew or would know the end of the world, so we all should be about our business of loving one another, being kind to the least among us, not judging each other, and even paying our taxes.  

    Sometimes, my Husband and I joke that we must have intersected with one of the other multiverses and half the population is actually from one of those alternate universes, like some sort of bad sci fi flick plot.  

    Plutocracy (noun) Greek ploutokratia, from ploutos wealth; 1) government by the wealthy; 2) 21st c. U.S.A.; 3) 22nd c. The World

    by bkamr on Sun Nov 27, 2011 at 07:40:01 PM PST

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