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  •  Hmmmm. (12+ / 0-)

    I'm really thinking about your comment.  What I know is this. The Strib endorsed Horner, the republican lite option, which was basically taking a pass, as there was little chance Horner would be elected.  But I agree, better than endorsing Emmer.

    The local broadcast media was as bland and "everyone has an equal point," as is common everywhere now.

    And this is also the state where the press paid absolutely no attention to the looney 6th district congresswoman---Bachmann---for YEARS.  There were so many attempts by progressive forces in this state to draw attention to her shenanigans, but they never broke through, till she showed up on Chris Mathews and called for a McCarthy like investigation into the congress.

    I guess, stcroix, that what I'm trying to say here, is that we must all accept the fact that we cannot rely on the press to get the truth out.  And, that we must fight hard to get our truth and the vote out, even for Democrats that do not excite us, if it comes down to that.  And, like Dayton, sometimes they surprise you. Pleasantly.  

    BTW, I was routed to your diary about the guy who tore up petitions in front of you, by Puddy.  Somehow missed it.  It was a riveting read.  So happy you got the license plate, that's all that counts, no matter how fumbly you felt.  You are a great activist, one who I admire.

    •  I remember some press on Emmer's (8+ / 0-)

      legislative proposals. The one I distinctly remember was an amendment to the state constitution or proposed law for nullifying federal law - unless the state legislature also adopted the law, that federal law would be null in MN. Emmer came off as a complete crackpot.

      Agree with you completely about Bachmann. We were just discussing that yesterday. The woman is completely NUTS but you won't find any of that in the Pioneer Press or Strib (which gives way too much space on its editorial pages to someone we affectionately know in this household as "The Frizzy Haired Bitch".)

      I also agree with you on the press. If you haven't seen my comment below, you might get a chuckle from it.

      We need to take the responsibility ourselves, as much as we can.

      Mere passive citizenship is not enough. Men must be aggressive for what is right if government is to be saved from men who are aggressive for what is wrong. - Robert M. LaFollette

      by stcroix cheesehead on Sun Nov 27, 2011 at 05:54:25 PM PST

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      •  Funny, (5+ / 0-)

        I have no memory of the coverage of Emmer's amendment to the state constitution that you speak of here.  But then, these days, sometimes I have to search my memory for what I did last weekend. :)

        What I DO remember, amongst his other right wing nuttery, is that Emmer was very gay unfriendly, and put himself on the line for an amendment to the Minnesota constitution that would disallow gay marriage.  And, in fact, we will be voting on that, come Nov. 2012.

        You know stcroix, it's very interesting to me, what people remember.  Let's face it, you and I keep up more than most, and yet still, we remember different things.  But I really think, that the GOP is going to undo themselves more with their cultural war, than they will for their economic policies.  

        Fact is, most people don't get or keep up with the economics.  But they do get the idea that women might not be able to practice birth control legally (See the failure of the personhood amendment, even in Mississippi!) or that their loved gay one is being denied his/her civil rights.  And these days, thanks to the brave LGBT movement, almost everyone has someone they love who is gay.

        Frankly, I don't care what brings them down, but I so want to see them brought down.  I've had a pretty good run in this country, but I've got children, nieces, nephews, and beloved neighborhood kids who I owe the fight to.  

        Onward, my friend.

        •  Oh, and... (7+ / 0-)

          I did indeed check out your "comment below," and I did get a chuckle out of it.  It's all about citizen journalism now, if you ask me.  

          Look at Davis.  The videos of Pike's abuse were ALL from citizens, not journalists.  And those videos went viral and politically, nuclear.  

          If the so called "fourth estate," won't step up to the challenge, than we as citizens must.  And thank God, we at last, have the technology to do so.  These days, there is really no difference between huge corporate concerns and their expensive technology, and our little old cell phones, camera attached. This is the good news.

          What scares me, is the right's knowledge that we have too much freedom via technology, and their inevitable fight to block that.  It's going on right now, and most have no idea it is.

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