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  •  Equitable distribution and rehabilitative alimony (1+ / 0-)
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    A lot of states have pretty good equitable distribution statutes and case law.

    They get rid of fault and alimony, and treat the marriage as a partnership that needs to be dissolved without the court getting into the detail -- that it's terribly suited to examine -- of who was at fault.

    If the woman was a stay at home Mom, she contributed just as much to the husband's savings, property, business, etc. and gets half of it.  Many states even give her half of any professional license he gained, like a law or medical license, and half of his business.

    Even states that focus on property distribution have a fail safe clause called, "rehabilitative alimony."  That means that in the case of your stay at home Mom who sacrificed the opportunity to learn a skill, in addition to half the property, she gets old fashioned alimony (but limited in time) for her to learn the skills to get into the job market.

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