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    Except that Americans expect more.  Psychological studies do tend to support the idea that people perceive economic extremis based not so much on fundamental survival, as in change to their expected status and lifestyle.  While they will sacrifice hopes of something better fairly easily, they start to draw the line when they are asked to sacrifice what they already have or have been accustomed to expect.  

    Americans today have already sacrificed a great deal that they had come to expect.  Ask much more, and many more of them are likely to get more disgruntled than they already are.  We are fast approaching a point where fully 50% of the population is not employed -- including students biologically adult but not yet socially mature, retired persons, the disabled, the unemployed, and the immense black market of those employed in unregistered small businesses and frankly illegal activities.  As more adults are unable to access the benefits previously offered to maintain their loyalty and obedience, higher levels of disobedience and revolt are to be expected.  The supply of carrots has gotten mighty slim and moldy.  While the sticks are bigger than they were, Americans have always kept their own sticks in the closet, and have a social tradition allowing their use.  

    You have to remember that despite widescale German immigration into this country from the 17th century onwards, a major element in American culture derives from Scots and Irish who had been victims of genocide on the part of their English conquerors and retained a very low opinion of Saxon-style social conformity.  While we may turn into a 3rd-world society, it won't come with quite the comfort to the large owners that they might desire.

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