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  •  So you (and your upraters) suggest.... (3+ / 0-)
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    Brecht, poco, heathlander

    ...that all Democrats follow suit with Romney, to make sure "there is no daylight" between the parties' "support" for Israel?

    Thank you for being so clear about it.

    Now I know how to be a good, effective Progressive Democrat: Put forth "bipartisan" policies i.e., ones so far to the right that even today's Republicans are willing to sign on to.
    Then, when the Republicans express feigned outrage at our "lefty extremism", rationally and calmly explain to the world that there is really no daylight between your positions.

    As we all know from the recent decade on all fronts, especially from the Obama years, this strategy has worked so well for Democrats on all issues.

    It's a triple W (W for George W, I guess) on 1. Policy, 2. Winning the narrative, and 3. Energizing your base.

    Thank you again, Hoodoo Man. How enlightening.

    •  Well as one of the "upraters" I supported the (1+ / 0-)
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      comment for this:

      I can't tell whether you're buying into the Republican strategy.  Obama and the Democrats have been about as supportive of Israel as you could ask them to be.  This support has been fully bipartisan.  

      The way to win in 2012 is to show that there's no difference in support for Israel between the Democratic and Republican nominees.  Now let's talk about all of the real issues that separate the Dems from the Repubs that make you crazy to vote for the Repubs.

      In other words I see President Obama as a friend to both the Jewish People and to Israel. In fact, I am taking that position in a public forum against Karmafish and a representative from Stand with Us regarding the President and Jewish people.

      Now, I could be mistaken but I don't see Hoodoo Man saying that the support for Israel should be for the same policies across party lines, just that it should be known that the Obama Administration is a good friend to Israel. I think President Obama has done a good job of that.

      And I agree that the Republicans are spreading a false meme about President Obama to peel off support.

    •  Sorry buddy (2+ / 0-)
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      fizziks, volleyboy1

      But I'd like the Democrats to win in 2012.  

      Perhaps you're right, but I suspect that your strategy will be less successful.  

      Just my opinion.

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