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View Diary: WA-01: Darcy Burner, third time's the charm (107 comments)

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  •  If it's such a great district (2+ / 0-)
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    Situational Lefty, mightymouse

    How come no Democrat has ever represented WA-08 since it was created? She got more votes and lost by a narrower margin than any Democrat ever has.

    And, no Democrat ran against Burner in either of her primaries in WA-08 ... again begging the question of it's a great district, how come not one other candidate stepped forward?

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      tietack, jmartin4s

      Cook PVI, which I cited upthread, is a pretty standard and widely accepted measure of Partisanship, but just to drive the point home, this was a district that Obama won by FIFTEEN POINTS. Darcy lost it by 5. That's a double digit underperformance. Dave Reichert has never won with more than 53% of the vote, but came darn close to it against Burner in 2008. The fact that even DelBene was able  to do better than Burner did in 2010 is pretty inexcusable.

      Again, I dislike Darcy Burner as a progressive because she worries too much about proving her ideological fealty to people who already agree with her and not enough about selling progressive policy to those who don't. I don't want someone who can just win an election, I want someone who will be an effective salesperson for progressive policy.

      And frankly, I'm sorta worried that if she gets elected to congress now, she'll manage to cost us a senate seat that should be solidly blue at some point down the line. Her performances in this district is about on par for a statewide tie Washington, which isn't promising considering that both of the years that she ran where Democratic wave years.

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