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View Diary: TN Tea Party on Barney Frank's Retirement (37 comments)

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  •  "Something about a gay man with power..." (1+ / 0-)
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    Doesn't that describe a good part of the GOP?

    For some reason, and it wasn't a Jeane Dixon or Kreskin moment, I would expect anyone from the TN TP using the word "Sodomite". I mean, and I don't know why this happened...the word "Sodomite" flashed through my brain.

    Now...the Log Cabin folks, they kill me.

    I remember they were holding some sort of press conference and the spokesman was just immaculately dressed. A really stunning French Blue spread collar with a silver and blue geo pattern tie that looked like it came from the Canali couture line straight outta Milan. I'm focused on what the dude is wearing and where can I pick that up in the USA.

    Now, what were they talking about? Beats the hell out of me, but he was dressed like a GQ model.

    Which is kind of my point. The LC guys have always been hard to take seriously; when your spokesperson is more concerned about how sharp he looks as opposed to the message you want him to deliver, I'd say you'd have a credibility problem there.

    I do give them props...since they're the 10% of the GOP that's actually out of the closet lol.


    This is the 21st Century. We've always had gay pols, but we'll definitely have more openly gay ones now. Like straight pols, because at the end of the day pols are pols, some we'll love, others will disappoint us.

    Frank had his flaws, but I don't think it affected business too much. I always liked him, and what he stood up for. He'll be missed.

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