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View Diary: On The Emergence Of China, Or, Zhou Knew This Was Coming (143 comments)

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  •  Relativism is thick here (0+ / 0-)

    The comments are disgusting.

    1. The comments here show a preference for Chinese government broadcasts in English as their main source of news over Western journalism because "they're corporations".


    Sending a carrier battle group into the South China Sea is the equivalent of the Chinese sending their fleet into the Gulf of Mexico.  Last year we sent a task force allied with South Korea just outside of Beijing, which is the equivalent of the Chinese sending their ships into Chesapeake Bay.  

    Then I guess if China wants the entire South China Sea, then we have every right to have the entire Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.


    The Chinese have many social problems, but we do also.  Overall, I see China as "moving up" while we are moving down.

    Maybe we should copy them, then.  Perhaps shut down this site so the government can create a government-sanctioned version that can be monitored with posts quickly removed so everything is harmonious.

    Relativism is a dangerous game that lets sheep lie with dragons. But when the dragon's hungry...

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