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  •  The anemic Obama for America "movement" is related (1+ / 0-)
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    to this how?

    And OWS being NON-PARTISAN doesn't mean they wouldn't be for or against the republicans or democrats stand on a bill

    You can assert your reasons they are making this move but repubs have been speaking and writing against extending this tax saying no, no, no for many reasons, including wanting to protect social security. (The General Fund is paying into fund.... or we wouldn't have to pay for it with someth8ng else would we)
    They have not been in  favor of this now... saying it hasn't helped, won't help, can't afford it etc and looking vague when it is pointed out what Moody's or CBO says about it

    It surely is not a direct response to OWS but they are one of the things, a big one, that has drawn more attention to the whole income inequality issues. Dems have spoken out more than usual. And not to sound like I am standing up for the anemic Obama but he has drawn much attention to it by his harping on how we need things now and the town halls and talks about this bill and the parts of it and republican reaction that were starting before OWS. Also many reports have come out and actually gotten attention about income inequality and shifts.

    Obama and OWS (calm down, I don't mean in partnership) have shifted media eyes some and republicans probably just decided they had to at least pretend to care about this. We don't know what they will come up with to fund it since they refuse the wee increase on millionaire taxes. Probably more money taken from programs that offer food, heat or shelter

    This OWS as NON-PARTISAN stuff could really go too far. *I heard some reporter say that they did not support Obama, saying he was no better than a republican. Well there is a lot of things he needs to be mic checked on but he is not the same as a republican and republican policies are not the same as Dem policies. It does matter who we elect and it does matter what policies we support

    •  Yes, he's worse than a Republican (1+ / 0-)
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      I know it sounds counter-intuitive to say that. So much so that you probably think I'm just talking crap.

      But I actually believe, based on analysis, that Obama has been a godsend for his backers at Goldman Sachs and company.

      He was a godsend for BP when he allowed them to coverup the oil spill by spraying millions of gallons of Corexit )which keeps the oil down and disperses it under water) instead of mounting a full scale operation to collect and remove the oil (which would have allowed the calculation of the amount spilled which would have cost BP's banker owners billions.

      Obama was a godsend for the Republicans when he came out of the gates starting his "negotiating" position on their 20 yeard line.

      He's been a godsend to Republicans when he refused to enforce the laws of this country and appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate the countless crimes of Bushco.

      He's been a godsend to Wall Street by overseeing the largest transfer of wealth from the 99% to the .01% in the history of wealthy people.

      I could go on and on and on. I didn't get to the health insurance companies or the military industrial corporations.

      There is not ONE single genuine policy shift on anything really critically important since Bush. Not on foreign policy (still controlling the brown people's oil), not on the economy(still letting the "free" market rule - right to our deaths), not on the environment (Psycho-Fracking anyone? and "Where did I leave my nuke plant?"), and not on the mass surveillance police state that has emerge after 911.

      We've seen change on some things - for the worse. We're now assassinating people without trial.

      And we're now attacking whistle blowers.

      And we're now violently attacking American citizens who are merely exercising their constitutional right to assemble and protest.

      If Bush had done any of these things, we would be out in the streets. But Obama does them? Crickets.

      And that, my friend, is why Obama is more dangerous than the craziest Republican. When he does it, we look the other way.

      •  You just showed your true colors. (1+ / 0-)
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        Yes, he's worse than a Republican
      •  Agree with this completely (0+ / 0-)

        if Huntsman somehow wins NH, and recent polls show him gaining, and he campaigns on breaking  up the big banks, that issue alone could have him win going away against Obama.  Doubt that the GOP is smart enough to nominate him, and he's Mormon so that disqualifies him as a cultist in the minds of most of those who vote in Southern GOP primaries.

        Not only is Obama the best thing that could have happened to the GOP, he will destroy the Democratic Party with his grand bargain nonsense.  And then there's all the above listed by Mr. Hepburn.

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