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  •  National R. Convention delegates? (0+ / 0-)

    I don't know how the Republicans run their convention, but Democrats elect/select their national conventional delegates before the convention is held, and at least for the first two or three votes, each delegate is pledged to vote for the man/woman they voted for in the state conventions.

    If the R. delegates are highly representative of the tea partiers, then they will control the convention (if they select their delegates the same way D.s do.)  I see that as a problem for Romney.

    •  Yes, this is one of the reasons, I say don't count (2+ / 0-)
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      JFinNe, dcreba

      Gringrich out yet.

      He can't seem to get above about 21% support levels, and many of the "anyone but Romney" GOP seem to be rallying behind Gringrich is now 14% above Romney in one poll.

      This is good timing.  

      Our conventional wisdom has been that the GOP would rally behind Romney on the electability, and 'last-man-standing" idea.  

      However, there is increasing evidence that conservatives are convincing themselves that the problems Gringrich has that we have assumed would be campaign killers, he can overcome on the 'competence is more important that political correctness."

      Sort of like "well, a lot of his infideldies, leaving his first wife on her death bed to have an affair with his second wife" etc, were 'youthful indescretions' that he has now matured beyond.  

      And, the fact he lied about them makes those old lies comparied to the new lies Romney is spinning even this week about Obama in those phoney disgraceful ads.

      I think it was Maureen Down who noted in her satirical colum today, that compared to Romney's lies, Gringrich seems like the high integrity candidate.

      Compared to Herman Cain's infidelidies, harrassments suite, etc, Gringrich seems like the candidate who most respects women.  ($ A million on jewelry for his current wife.)

      Compared to Bachmann, Perry, and Palin, he seems like an intellectual genius.

      And, he doesn't seem to have any of the odd "man-on-dog" obsessions of Rick Santorum.

      I would love to have Grinrich be the GOP candidate, as i think they are underestimating how dastardly, and effectively we Democrats will be in turning these peccadilloes against him.  But, if he is locked in as their candidate it will be too late.

      The latest head to head poll from yesterday shows Obama and Romney tied, but it is worse in the state by states, where even Santorum is tied with Obama in our must win Pennsylvania.

      But, Obama still leads Gringrich by 6%, although that may get closer before we have a chance to effectively exploit his weaknesses.

      So my dream scenario is that the current Gingrich Rally in Iowa, SC, and other early states swells, and he draws even with Romney in New Hampshire preventing Romney from knocking everyone out, and locking up the nomination in January.

      Then Gringrich and Romney pound the crap out of each other through the spring.

      And, we push the meme that Romney will look us in the eye and lie, and chance any position to win, as about five columnist have done today about his deceptive Obama ads (See Globe, NYT, and RealClearPolitics.)

      The GOP has always admired men who espouse principles, they stick to (verbally at least.)  

      Romney get tagged and a mealy-mouthed flip-flopper who cares more about winning than any true principles, conservative or not, and gets slammed for intentionally lying in these deceptive anti-Obama ads.

      As, soon as Gingrich locks in the GOP nomination in the summer, then we release the attack dogs and decimate him. (in the nicest possible way, of course. Not with his own classic politics of personal destruction style he pioneered, althought the poignancy and irony will make this hard to resist.)

      We can this keep the White House in 2012, and maybe even win back the House, as another excellent article in today's Boston Globe, RCP, or NYT (it was early this morning so I forget) reports support for the Tea Party is down as much as 15%, and most in their strongest areas, as voters have second thoughts, probably due to the obstructionism and extremism.

      Our biggest risk, is that Gingrich peaks too soon, and Romney picks him off, or that they both self-destruct to suchy an extent, that the GOP brokered convention idea comes up, and they pick someone fresh, and more credible.

      Another, bit of fun news, I just saw on CNN is that Donald Trump just announced he may run as a third candidate if the GOP doesn't pick someone he thinks is good.

      Oh, what a happy day, this would be.

      Let us pray!

      The means is the ends in the process of becoming. - Mahatma Gandhi

      by HoundDog on Wed Nov 30, 2011 at 01:04:24 PM PST

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