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View Diary: Electronic cigarettes: new laws prompted by hysteria and misinformation (202 comments)

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  •  This is an important and valuable diary (6+ / 0-)

    Thank you.

    As a former smoker and GUS DailyKos group member I think you wrote a terrific diary that has tremendous value and is extremely fair in its reasonings and conclusions.  I managed to quit w/o the use of e-cigs but it was very very difficult and I still struggle sometimes.  

    Ultimately, for me, it was a combination of drugs (buproprion) and the patch.  However, you accurately point out that the "other" things that people miss about smoking.  I had a very hard time at work.  I found the "break" was one of the things I missed.  I used it to clear my head and prepare to undertake the next big task.  It was like a "reset".  When quitting, I discovered merely taking the break, w/o the cigarette, was helpful.

    I also discovered then that I was actually clinically depressed.  Often people are unknowingly self-medicating their depression with cigarettes and alcohol.  Quitting isn't always just trying to break an addiction and a habit.  Sometimes it is also the removal of a drug that is helping someone cope with depression which makes it that much harder.  Believe me, it's HARD to stay steadfast when you know that if you just had a cigarette you could perform better at your job, stop yelling at your kids/wife, etc.  Untreated depression does this to you.

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