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View Diary: Electronic cigarettes: new laws prompted by hysteria and misinformation (202 comments)

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    There zero studies in the literature about the safety of regular, deep inhalation exposure to heated propylene glycol vapor and byproducts thereof. So what if ropylene glycol is classified as generally accepted safe as a food additive by the FDA? That just means it was grandfathered in as something historically used but without a requirement for ANY safety review or study. Without regulation there is no certainty of truthful disclosure of what else is in this stuff. E-cig makers are no better than big tobacco when it comes to truth in ingredient labeling. Much worse if you're spiking in gods-know-what to brew your own juice. These are drug delivery vehicles and should be regulated and treated as such. Sadly, this probably won't happen in a country where the FDA is essentially powerless to regulate a whole sector of drugs posing posing a "nutritional supplements" that don't claim to treat disease or conditions (wink. wink.). Personally as a chemist and a cancer biologist (and as a former smoker), I don't want these near me any more than regular cigarettes or second-hand smoke.

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