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View Diary: Electronic cigarettes: new laws prompted by hysteria and misinformation (202 comments)

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  •  I can say the exact same thing about OWS (0+ / 0-)

    Of course they have the right to assemble.

    They just can't be in public while they do it.  OWS is perfectly free to assemble in their homes to protest the 1%.  If protesters want to camp out in some guy's Brooklyn loft and wave signs, they're free to do so, as long as they're completely out of sight of the 1%.  But having them protest the 1% in a public park is a safety issue and can't be allowed.

    What's the reason for banning smoking in public?  That second hand smoke causes cancer, right?  Well I'm sorry, but there is basically a 1 in a million chance that someone is going to get lung cancer because they caught a wiff of smoke on the sidewalk.

    But there is also a 1 in a million chance that someone will be killed if an OWS protest gets out of hand.  Therefore, if smoking can be banned from public spaces to protect the public, then protesting can be also.

    Still want to claim it's not a civil liberties issue?

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