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View Diary: Mike Johanns: There's a 'change in mood' on tax increases in GOP (72 comments)

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  •  We'll still have to wait and see... (8+ / 0-)

    whether Johanns' keen political sensitivity translates itself into votes. But the fact that he even had to tip his hat means, once again, that #OWS hippies are stupid and smelly and can't accomplish anything, beyond that which the Very Serious People of Washington were hitherto unable to produce through their Very Serious wiles.

    Next time, form a commission and write your proposals down (and then vote not to actually pass them), you beatniks.

    Meanwhile... thousands of protesters in the streets in dozens of cities across America and around the world, who can only be tamped down with blasts of tear gas in the face and police truncheons, and Mikey here is sensing "a change in mood."

    He's sharp, that one!

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