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  •  Wait, those numbers aren't correct for PA-12... (2+ / 0-)
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    valion, blue aardvark

    and several other districts.  PA-12 is R+1, and is NOT "Strong Dem" in the least.  It was the ONLY district in the country that voted for John Kerry in 2004, but then voted for John McCain in 2008.  Gee, I wonder why.  As such, the type of Democrat that can win here almost certainly will not be of the progressive variety.

    TX-28 is even in Cook PVI.  It's NOT "Strong Dem" either.

    CA-20 is only D+5.  I would not call it "Strong Dem" either.  Lean Dem, perhaps.  But you have to remember, the kind of "Democrats" here would not be very welcome on DailyKos.  CA-20 is Kings County, and parts of Fresno and Kern counties.  74% of Kings County voted FOR Prop. 8 to ban gay marriage.  It was over 75% in Kern, and almost 69% in Fresno.  So in the 2010 wave, Tea Partier Andy Vidak was able to almost unseat Costa.

    And NC-08 has an R+2 PVI, so I don't know how you can call it "Leaning Dem".

    And the only reason Palazzo won by a close margin in MS-04 was because he unseated longtime Blue Dog Rep. Gene Taylor (D).  Now that it's finally turned red, don't expect to see it turn blue anytime soon, regardless of the type of Democrat who runs there, unless Palazzo develops an Anthony Weiner problem RIGHT before the election.

    I like how you're thinking about this, but the numbers show it's much less friendly territory than you'd think in these places.  Now, with redistricting, who knows?  But yes, we should find these similar places post-redistricting to target.

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