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  •  Just Move All Consumption Where The Production Is! (2+ / 0-)
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    Shrew in Shrewsbury, Stwriley
    Republicans are hell-bent on destroying the middle class in pursuit of greater wealth for the one percent. The flaw in their thinking is—what happens when there's no one left to buy their products?

    That's not a problem for the 1% anymore than it is for the 1% Thugs and Fixers, Kleptocracies and Dictatorships around the world. What do those elites living in fortified compounds do when their own people are all too poor to buy anything? When the mass of the population lives in ignorant squalor like Haiti?

    Just because the consumer economy of the U.S. tanks doesn't mean the ultra-rich have to suffer any more than economic collapse in Africa or South America caused their elites to suffer.

    They can always do what dictators do worldwide: invest their profits overseas! I imagine if the entire globe is reduced to serfdom that the 1% ers will find new places to invest their money. Floating offshore stock exchanges perhaps.

    Short of a revolution that chops off all their heads, the 1% can always find other ways to invest their money than the U.S. consumer market.

    •  Another Monty Python Moment! (2+ / 0-)
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      Stwriley, trumpeter

      Like virtually everything else Monty Python anticipated this back in 1970:

      City-Gent wearing a pin-striped suit & bowler hat: "As a member of the Stock Exchange I would sell the widows and orphans and go into South American zinc!"

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