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View Diary: A 'frightened to death' Frank Luntz offers Republicans advice on Occupy Wall Street (174 comments)

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  •  Another Repulsive Republican (4+ / 0-)
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    who believes in himself as a word magician.  He, like Rove and Armey and the other slugs who are spearheading the murder of American Democracy in service to the corporatocracy - they have the utmost faith in the ignorance and malleability of the average US voter.  Why not?  It did work with George W. Bush.  Rove and the right wing Republicans created an alternate reality with words meaning the opposite of what they actually always meant - an Alice through the Looking Glass world where lying and cheating and scamming and defrauding were called "Truth in Government..."  It is unbelievable.  They think they can continue this craziness and the American people will continue to fall for it!  They think if they alter words and messages they will be able to lie through their teeth and continue the rape of the American middle and working classes and the poor.  Damn them.  Luntz is a lout, a slug, a repulsive asshole.

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