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View Diary: A 'frightened to death' Frank Luntz offers Republicans advice on Occupy Wall Street (174 comments)

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  •  Most private businesses (6+ / 0-)

    don't give you careers. A career assumes you can move up somehow, that you can advance.

    There are very, very few private businesses that will let you do that anymore. They won't train you any more than absolutely necessary, they won't give you time off with pay to get your own training at your own cost, and they often won't even CONSIDER you for a job that's a promotion.

    However, the govt WILL do most of that. Some govt positions even give preference to current employees. Most govt positions give you some kind of tuition help, or pay for you to go to conferences, workshops, etc.

    Somehow, I don't see too many WalMart workers getting trained to move into management. Or hamburger flippers at MickyD's. Or dishwashers at Olive Garden.

    You're supposed to get your own training, somehow. With your non-existent savings, and taking those college courses that are offered at the scattered times you can get to attend, with your fluctuating work schedule.

    And when you don't, it's somehow your fault.

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