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View Diary: A 'frightened to death' Frank Luntz offers Republicans advice on Occupy Wall Street (174 comments)

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  •  There is nothing unusual about Luntz's tone deaf- (1+ / 0-)
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    ness.  It comes with the territory of still believing in fairies, unicorns, and the failed "trickle down" ideology that the GOP still tries to prop up.  With Luntz attempting to fire cylinders that will not ever fire again.

    I certainly don't underestimate the pervasive power of stupid.
    It is what has kept the GOtP functioning this long.

    I look at it this can fool a lot of stupid people with shallow catch phrases.  Shallow and paper-thin.  

    A certain number of those folks are irredeemable as far as their potential to A) see through the BS they have been fed, and B) do something about it.

    But there are people on the fringes of the GOP who are open minded enough to look at what is going on and begin to "get it".

    Those are the people who are worth talking to.

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