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View Diary: Holder Asks Us to Report Our Neighbors' IP Violations, But Not One Wall St. Prosecution Since 2008 (228 comments)

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  •  We should all log in to those sites (8+ / 0-)

    and report crimes today. For example, we can report robosigniing fraud by servicer banks. We can report sytemic illegal application of mortgage payments to fines and fees rather than the applicable mortgage. We can report suspicious circumstances like probable leaking of the Federal Reserve's decision to engage in lowering the swap cost to selected connected TBTF banksters. We can report what appears to be Repo 105 like window dressing of all the major banks balance sheets. We can ask when charges will be leveled against Jon Corzine and we can ask that Goldman Sachs, which has the same accounting firm that failed miserably to detect MF Globals theft, also be checked for similar comingling of client and GS funds. We can ask when criminal charges will be leveled against all the TBTF bankers for illegally foreclosing on military personnel's homes. Feel free to add your own litany of bankster illegalities.

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