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View Diary: Republicans want to crack down on millionaire food stamp recipients (77 comments)

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  •  That's not how food stamps work (18+ / 0-)

    I'm on food stamps.  You have to show bank accounts, list the $50 grandma sent grandson for his birthday, list everything.  My food stamp report has a specific question about how much I'm 'earning' returning cans and bottles at 5 cents each. (Poor people here wander parks and affluent neighborhoods and pick up cans left in trash or set out with the recycling)

    This is the new Republican foot in the door - start means-testing stuff, then lower the level allowable until you eliminate most people.

    Unemployment needs to be referred to as UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE. We pay our unemployment insurance premium each payday to insure benefits if our job vanishes.  It's a savings account you only get into when you have lost a job.

    Why don't they pass a law that says millionaires can't collect on their car insurance if they wreck their car, after all, they don't really NEED OR DESERVE that money.  They could replace their car out of their monthly income without really going without.

    If you compare unemployment insurance to car insurance, people get it.  Car insurance is required, you get tickets for not having it.  Unemployment insurance is required, they take it out of the payroll taxes each payday.  It's 'paid' by the company, like the disability insurance for on the job accidents, but it's part of the cost of having you there, just as much as wages.

    No means testing ever for unemployment insurance, social security, medicare, not ever.  Everybody pays for this stuff, everybody collects.  Otherwise it just becomes another form of welfare, and is ripe for eliminating.

    •  I totally agree on means testing (0+ / 0-)

      Many people support means testing Social Security and Medicare.  I think that's bull$%^&.  Rich people pay into SS & medicare, in fact, they pay more, as it's a % of income, up to the cap.  And if they make enough money, they pay income taxes on most of their social security.  I support raising the income tax rate and capital gains tax rates, but not means testing.

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