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    Site policy seems to take copyright infringement seriously, and when I did a quick search, this came up from kos:

    Looks like I'm in a meta mood today. But I've had to ban a bunch of people recently for copyright infringement, and that brings me zero joy (unlike zapping assholes, trolls, and wingers).

    Look people -- I'm taking copyright violations seriously. We have the benefit of being in a medium where we can easily direct people to source material via hyperlink.


    So please think twice about exposing the site (and yourself) to legal liability. In our hyperlinked, networked world, it's completely unnecessary. Thanks.

    Here's the link. Bolding done by me.

    Admittedly this is from 2007, but this was the most relevant link that came up when I searched.. so here again if there has been a retraction or softening of this policy, then that would be interesting enough to merit more than an anecdotal recollection..

    This diary seems to be based on this understanding of site policy, with the ante particularly having been upped by the latest congressional antics...

    So when a poster, however well-meaning the intention, presents a rather contradictory opinion, based on an anecdotal recollection of a post by someone other than kos, it doesn't seem that unreasonable to ask for a link?

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