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    You should go take a relaxer and read what I wrote again. If you don't want someone to take your idea, write it down, lock it in a box and never tell anyone; because on this physical plane, that is about as close as you're going to get to making your idea physical, chattel property.

    Be happy that society deigns to provide you a limited time to profit from you work to ultimately add to the public domain. Libraries were filled with books long before copyright was conceived. There were no copyrights in sight when the Great Library of Alexandria was built.

    Right now, some members of the creative classes are engaging in a delusional fantasy of entitlement and attempting to institute nothing less than an intrusive police state to make that idea a reality. It's not working to ultimately protect the idea of copyright but it is threatening this site and the entire internet with ultimate destruction. Great job there, people.

    Finally stop acting like an entitled ass and be happy with what you get. You're just another worker and whatever you do is just a fucking job. If you want more money than you can earn in twenty-five years, then do what everyone else does and do more fucking work or be a politician or go on a reality show or something.

    Ugh, the nerve of some people . . . .

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