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  •  Oh, yes (7+ / 0-)

    One of the reasons so many 1950s-era marriages failed was because the Don Drapers of the world simply could not handle having a woman instead of a little girl in the house.  

    Ditto women who manage to escape the Quiverfull lifestyle.  The stories they tell are horrifying.

    •  My parent's marriage failed in the early 60's (5+ / 0-)

      when young couples with loads of children finally realized that there was birth control that worked, and at the same time women who did not have wealthy husbands had to leave the home to work to help support all those late 50's to early 60's born children, or left because they wanted to, or left because they were married to Don Draper and Don Draper wasn't listening to a word they said.

      In my parent's had to work because dad worked for his parents in the family business and they paid him only 25 dollars a week to support 5 children.

      This was complicated by dad's affair with the wife half of a couple that was good friends with them both.

      Further complications ensued because my mother is manic depressive and has a classic narcissistic personality.

      Ah the swinging sixties.

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