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View Diary: Books So Bad They're Good: Feminism, the Deep Illness (173 comments)

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  •  You are correct, but. . . (0+ / 0-)

    The tokens are not what troubles me. . .I don't think that the Republican party became any less racist just because they seriously thought about nominating that Cain character. No, what bothers me more is the supine acceptance, from a great many mass of women, of the various legislative efforts to harass, demean and intimidate them.
        I mean, if there's one thing I am teaching my daughter, it is not to stand for that sort of shit.
       Anyway, don't mean to be tiresome on the subject. . . .

    An empty head is not really empty; it is stuffed with rubbish. Hence the difficulty of forcing anything into an empty head. -- Eric Hoffer

    by MichiganChet on Mon Dec 05, 2011 at 07:10:22 AM PST

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